Orchard Bin Loader

Bin Loaders are a self loading and unloading trailer designed for transporting fruit bins in and out of the orchard quickly and efficiently, without the operator having to leave the tractor seat.

Ben Wye Bin Loaders are of heavy duty construction and use a fully hydraulic cam axle to lower the forks under a standard fruit bin, and then with the aid of bi-directional hydraulically driven roller chains, the bins are pulled back up onto the Bin Loader. This process is repeated until the Bin Loader is to maximum capacity. Simply reverse the process to unload the fruit bins from your trailer back at the packing shed.

Bin Loaders are designed to be pushed with standard orchard tractors. The hydraulic functions can be controlled in cab with 2 existing hydraulic remotes and the long wheel base gives excellent operator control and maneuverability. Bin Loaders come standard in 4 bins (4000) or 5 bins (5000) but can be customised to suit any size or style of bin with a full range of optional extras to suit different types of orchards.

Optional extras include multiple polyurethane idler sprockets for greater grip on plastic bins, soft ride suspension with the hydraulic accumulator, Side rails for bin guidance and walking beam dual wheel axle for rough terrain.

The new polyurethane coated idler sprocket is now standard across the range and has added greater grip on pick up, better retention and greater unloading control of bins. The wide footprint roller chain with rounded profile also helps eliminate damage to the bins. The automatic bin stop works in conjunction with the 2 hydraulic lift cylinders to latch up when the trailer is in transport mode and drop down when lowered for loading.

The Bin Loader main frame is fully sand blasted and then powder coated at 200 degrees for rock hard corrosion protection and durability.

For more information, click here to view our current Bin Loaders Brochure.


  • Standard models are 4 bins (4000) and 5 bins (5000)
  • Heavy-duty main frame made of 150x100x5mm RHS
  • Rated up to 5000kg at 25km/h
  • Tyres are a 10.0/75-15.3 18 ply tyre on a single piece 9.00 x 15.3 6 stud rim
  • Hydraulic Requirements – 2 pairs of remotes; 30 l/m (min)
  • Heavy-duty low flow high pressure hydraulic chain drive motor for smooth operation
  • Direct mount hydraulic motor on a heavy-duty torque arm
  • Large greaseable take up bearings with a positive chain adjustment
  • Wide foot print double pitched roller chain for greater bin retention
  • Poly Urethane coated idler sprocket for greater grip for loading and unloading
  • All Rollers are on a case hardened greaseable pin with locking bolt
  • Automatic bin latches as standard
  • Two position parking jack – one for parking and one stowed while in use
  • Large clearance holes for releasing dirt
  • Lift rams isolating tap to isolate when parking and to take pressure off hydraulic remotes
  • Australian made and owned with an exclusive 2 year warranty

Optional Accessories

Soft ride hydraulic suspension accumulator

Walking beam dual wheel axle for a gentler ride over rough terrain

R Model (Roller) uses 6 polyurethane idler sprockets (12 total) down each Bin Loader rail for greater grip and control with plastic bins

Bin rails for the perfect alignment of fruit bins